Find the Best Wood Routers and Routing Tools

Having a good professional wood router in your workshop is among the first steps that you ought to make if you wish to start producing high-quality products.

A wood router is a power tool that enables you to create designs, shape edges, and do plunge cutting among other things on wood easily. With the numerous brands and models of wood routers that are currently available on the market, however, choosing the best tool might become an uphill task even for technicians.

On this post, we endeavour to evaluate what goes into the best wood router to help you know the router that is best for your needs.

Type of Wood Router

As mentioned above, you will find many types of wood routers in the market. The most common ones are plunge and fixed wood routers. However, the kind of router you want will entirely depend on the kind of work you intend to do. To know what wood router is ideal for you, ask yourself this question, what type of work will I be doing the most with my wood router?

  • Plunge Routers

Plunge routers come with a spring-loaded base that allow you to drive a bit into the wood. Depending on the kind of design you want to make, you can lock this router from its base while you can unlock it if you require changing the depth when in use. It is mainly used when you want to cut in the middle, not at the edges of your wood. These two functions are responsible for making a plunge router different from fixed ones. Moreover, plunge routers are flexible but a bit difficult to use.

  • Interchangeable Bases

These are wood router models that use both the spring-loaded base and fixed base without any complication. You only need to remove the motor from one base and fix it on another. This makes them versatile and convenient to use. If you think you will need both bases at some time, an interchangeable wood router is ideal.

  • Fixed Base Routers

If you are kick-starting your woodworking, this is the router that is perfect for you. It is operated when fixed to a router table to make accurate edge cutting and molding. Besides being easy to use, it is also lightweight, which makes it easy to handle when in operation.

  • Trim Router

This type of wood router needs less power to run. It is ideal for trimming, especially when detailing your work. Moreover, it is a great router if you want accurate one-handed cuts.

  • Rotary Tool

This wood router is ideal if you are looking to complete light tasks. It will perform impressively when it comes to detailing since it is compact.

Type of Router Bits Material

Router bits are important parts of a wood router and are made from different materials. As such, you have to find the type of materials that will suit your project. The common types are:

  • High-Speed Steel

Bits made from this type are used on softer wood material and are relatively cheap. They are mostly ideal for people who don’t use their router often.

  • Solid Carbide

Bits made from solid carbide are strong and durable, which make them perfect for anyone who intends to work on hardwood materials. If you want a bit to use daily for a long time, therefore, a solid carbide router bit could be your perfect choice. However, you should be willing to pay more since bits made from this type of material are a bit expensive.

  • Carbide Tripped

Bits that are carbide tripled are stronger than high-speed steel, which means that they can withstand harder materials. They can also work effectively on both hardwood and metal materials daily.

Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, finding the best wood router is the first step towards making excellent designs and shapes at your workshop. If you are looking to buy router cutters, we can help you find one that is best suited to your woodworking needs.

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