How to Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Garden During a Heatwave

Simple Hacks of Surviving Extreme Heat 

A heatwave is a prolonged season of high temperatures and scorching sun rays. Whether it is hot or cold, life must go on. We must learn several factors to stay safe and continue living our lives regularly. The young and the elderly may be affected by extreme heat. It is prudent to make sure they are comfortable and healthy during a heatwave. 

How to Manage High Temperatures

To avoid damages and distractions, it is prudent to plan for the next heatwave accordingly. 

At Home

If you are financially stable, you may consider finding summer houses for sale. After acquiring one, you should stock it with food and drinks way before the hot season. If possible, spend much of your time indoors, especially in the noon hours to avoid dehydration.

If it is hotter than your body can manage, take a cold shower, or keep splashing cold water to your body. To maintain cool temperatures in the house, you should keep curtains closed and windows open to allow aeration. Keeping curtains closed is done to prevent scorching sunrays from penetrating inside the house. During this season, your body needs to be hydrated. You can do this by drinking plenty of fluids such as water, tea, and juice. 

When Outdoors

Dress appropriately for the weather. Appropriate clothes should be light, airy, and preferably made of cotton. To protect your skin, use sun cream when exposing yourself to direct sunlight. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle when getting out. For physically disabled people who use a wheelchair, they should bring an umbrella to avoid getting exposed to direct sunlight. 

Take Plenty of Fluids

During high temperatures, our bodies lose a lot of water through sweating. If not regained, we get hydrated a condition that can expose us to health risks. Symptoms of dehydration are feeling dizzy, thirsty, having dark coloured urine and dry mouth. Take cold drinks and avoid taking excessive alcohol. Also, choose fruits and foods which have high water content. Fruits with high water content include grapes; melon, strawberries, iceberg lettuce, and cucumber to mention a few. 

Keeping Your Garden Moist

For those who have a garden near their summer house, they can take simple measures to keep plants growing. This can be done by enabling the shallow surface roots to withstand extreme heat. The following are ways of protecting plants from excessive heat. 

Applying Mulch

Scorching sun rays take water from the soil. To prevent this from occurring, one can apply a liberal layer of mulch. Several materials can be used in mulching. The standard material is grass clipping. The grass is left to dry for two or three days before being used as mulch. Also, mulch prevents weeds from growing around plants. 

Watering Plants Early in the Morning

A heatwave results in a dry soil surface. Plants lose water through their shallow roots and leaves. Watering your plants in the morning will enable the plants to absorb much of the water. Also, during the day, water is carried by the wind, especially when using a sprinkler to water plants. 

In extremely hot conditions, water seeds and nursery beds twice a day. Preferably, use hand watering method to ensure each plant gets enough water. 

Use Protective Row Covers

You can use shade cloths, and protective row covers to temporary protect plants. Plants which are not heat tolerant such as salad green need high protection. The protectors should be placed strategically to prevent sun rays while at the same time, allowing aeration.

There are several factors to consider when preparing for extreme heat. The critical things are food, drinks, and clothing. One should wear light clothes and take plenty of water. The plants should also be protected from direct sunlight. Besides, you can use an air conditioner system to cool interiors.

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