Tips to hire a reputed carpet cleaning company in Edmonton

When you are in search of a reliable carpet cleaning company, then you come across a myriad of choices in Edmonton. But, how can you decide on a reputed and reliable company for your cleaning requirements? Here are some tips to keep in mind for your decision making.

Google reviews should help you make a good start. Check out what the past customers are saying? Their experience is a great gauge for your future experience. Were they satisfied with the services of the company? Were the technicians punctual? Were they polite and respectful towards their clients? Was it an overall good experience for the past clients? Was the quote honored? If you don’t find a favorable comment, then you should not consider hiring such a company.

Experience: It is important to know that the company you are trusting with your valuable assets has the experience to do the task to the highest standards or not. Their website will reveal for how long they have been in this field. If the carpet cleaning company has been in the field for a good number of years, then it is a positive sign of their reliability. Find out if they are insured and licensed or not?

When checking for price quotes, do you want surprises? Well surely you don’t! Most companies provide you with an accurate quote on the phone, depending on the details you render but not all companies do that. The cost may vary depending on the size of the job, stains and other conditions. Find out if there are any hidden costs apart from GST? Also know if they will confirm the price of the task prior to commencing the work? The best way to avoid surprises is to get a fairly accurate quote.

If you get a price quote which is too good to be true, then you will probably witness substantial increase in the cost, after the task is done. If you get a very high price quote for normal cleaning, then it is advisable not to go for a company. A reliable company will first pre-treat your carpets and then remove the stains. They work on the traffic areas and clean according to the conditions. They may take extra time, but will complete the task properly to yield a satisfied customer experience and amazing results. 

Lastly, find out what system are they going to use? Most carpet cleaning company recommends steam cleaning or chooses truck mounted unit for cleaning. A portable steam cleaning unit is also used by some companies. There may be other options too but steam cleaning is regarded as the most effective and reliable methods. 

Once you are satisfied with all the above details, then you can certainly finalize the carpet cleaning company for your carpets. At Canada Clean Home, we treat our customers in the manner they would like to be treated. Contact us for all kinds of carpet and furniture cleaning services. We would love to help you. 

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