What Are The Different Types Of The Resume?

Before stepping on the types of resumes, it’s essential to know about a resume. A resume is the personal identity of the person that is explained in detail. It is that element that provides a chance to the person to get in for the interview. 

But it’s not enough; it is vital to have an excellent resume. For that, a person can check for the different formats at resumebuild.com and make the most pleasing resume. A person gets the various formats to make a resume according to the needs. Here are the various types of resume and when a person can use the particular format, that is discussed below –

. Chronological format of the resume –

it is the type of resume in which all the person’s experiences are listed in chronological order. It means a person should start with the current working experience and then going back to past experiences. 

It is important to note all the information in a backward way, but the leading art is it should be in proper order. The benefit of this resume is –

– it will ensure the person’s performance, and the company can easily judge and rate the scale of the past works. 

– Also, it will enable us to show the best work at the top.

It is used by the person when there is not a large gap between different jobs. And with that, there should be more accomplishments in the jobs where a person has worked.

. Functional format of the resume –

the functional format is designed specially to focus more on the skills instead of the work’s past experiences. There is a different section in this format that specially focuses on the accomplishments and skills in an enhanced form. The particular section in the functional resume is named resume summary, and we can say it as a resume objective. 

It is mostly used by the freshers, or as who changes the industries, or the person who has appropriate gaps in past work experiences. 

. Combination format of the resume –

The combination itself means the mixing of two elements. The same applies here that a combination resume is a mix of both functional and chronological resumes. The main points include its focus on skills and recording the history of work experiences. Both formats are added in one. But one thing to keep in mind is that the format should not go too long, 

It contains various elements such as that there should be a detailed explanation of qualification gathered in education, all the details of the contact, also a good introduction on the resume part.

The format is followed by a person who has gained experience in technical skills and has details of work history with transferable skills.


Besides the above-detailed types of formats, there are many other formats, such as federal resume, CV, Infographic resume, etc. It is essential to have full knowledge so that a person can influence the recruiter. A person can select the resume from resumebuild.com that will make a lasting impact on the company. Its helpful in save time when built from this website.

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