11 Shocking Facts About Plastic Pollution And Why We Should Start Using Environmentally Friendly Plastics

The zero-waste movement is slowly becoming more mainstream as more and more people start realizing how our actions affect the environment. Consumers are now ditching single-use plastics like straws and utensils because of viral videos showing the gravity of plastic pollution. For those still don’t understand the need for environmentally friendly plastics, these hard to stomach facts might just change your mind:

1 – The Staggering Amount Of Plastic

Ever since the ’50s, it is estimated that we humans have produced over 8.3 BILLION tons of plastic worldwide. What is even more shocking is, only 9% of that total amount is recycled.

2 – Single-Use Plastic Comprises The Bulk

Out of the total amount of plastic used, at least 50% are meant for single use and are discarded without another thought.

3 – Plastic Will Outlive You

The lifespan of most plastic waste is anywhere between 500-1000 years meaning they will still be here, even after you are long gone.

4 – Beach Litter Is Mostly Plastic

Beach litter is about 73% plastic. Everything from bottles, food wrappers, cigarette butts, and polystyrene containers end up in our ocean and only a small fraction washes up on the shores.

5 – Water Bottle Are Out Of Hand

It is reported that over 1 million bottles are being purchased every minute and it is predicted to increase by a staggering 20% more by the year 2021 if we do not make the effort to change our habits.

6 – Recycling Of Water Bottles

Out of the billions of plastic water bottles bought every year, less than half the amount is recycled. Only 7% of all used bottles get a second life as another bottle because most end up in the ocean or stacking up in landfills.

7 – There’s More Plastic In The Ocean Than Life

The total number of plastic pieces currently floating in the ocean outnumbers all of sea life by about six to one.

8 – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

This giant mass of garbage can be found in the North Pacific Gyre. It is not the only patch of garbage, but it is largest to date. It is twice the size of Texas and continues to grow with every passing year.

9 – The Victims Of Plastic

Approximately 1 million seabirds and as many as 100,000 marine mammals are affected and killed by plastic pollution every year.

10 – Humans Are Affected Too

The common chemicals found in plastic can be absorbed by the human body with up to 93% of all Americans 6 years and older test positive for BPA in their system.

11 – Humans Should Be Held Responsible

Plastic pollution was created and is still being committed by humans today. Some changes in lifestyle such as refusing single-use plastics and switching to environmentally friendly plastics can help reduce plastic pollution, but only if we humans work together.

There is still some hope left to save the earth from being suffocated by plastic. It is up to us to make the right choices starting now.

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