12 Signs You Might Need A Sewer Line Replacement Or Repair

sewer back up, Los Angeles, California is a hassle and emergency that no one wants to deal with. Not only is it inconvenient, but it is also expensive and unsanitary. The only way to avoid expensive sewer line replacement is to take note of the issues before they become serious. Here are some telltale signs that it’s about time to repair or replace the sewer lines at home:

1 – Constant Sewage Backups

Overflowing toilets and problems with water draining are the first signs of damaged sewer lines. If the issue isn’t isolated to one area, the line is most likely the problem.

2 – Blockage After Cleaning

If the blockage persists even after the pipes are cleaned, there may be underlying issues with the sewer line such as misaligned pipes, cracks, or even root intrusion.

3 – Strong Sewer Smell

Sewer lines in perfect condition should be airtight and odorless. The moment you detect a strong sewer smell, you should consider repairs as this is a sign that the pipes may have sustained a crack.

4 – Mold Growth

A break in the line behind the walls is harder to spot, but one clear sign there is something wrong is mold growth. Broken pipes result in an increase in moisture and humidity, leading to a mold infestation.

5 – Slow Draining

Blocked or slow draining tubs, sinks, and toilets can be due to a backed-up pipe. Chemical drain cleaners only do more damage than help. It is best to call sewer back up, Los Angeles, California experts for assistance and repairs at once.

6 – Lush And Green Grass Patches

Sewage acts as a fertilizer. The presence of green and lush patches on the lawn is a sign that there is a leak feeding nutrient-filled sewage to the grass.

7 – Pooling Water

The presence of foul-smelling, discolored water pooling all over the lawn is a serious sign of a busted underground sewer pipe. This needs immediate action as sewer liquid is very unsafe and unsanitary.

8 – Soggy Outdoor Spots

Undetected leaks from underground pipes will result in raised and soggy spots because there is excess water trapped under the surface of the lawn.

9 – Cracks In The Foundation

Sewer pipe leaks will weaken the soil where the foundation of the home was built. The shift in the soil causes the foundation to crack which compromises the structural integrity of the home.

10 – Rodent Problems

A sudden rodent infestation can also indicate that there is a crack in the sewer pipes. Rodents tend to live in the sewers and can squeeze into small cracks, which is the perfect secret entryway to your home.

11 – Insect Problems

Insects are smaller than rodents which means they can easily enter your home through small cracks in the sewer line. An infestation of cockroaches may be due to a broken pipe that needs replacing or repairs at once.

12 – Sinkholes

Hidden leaks that are not detected and fixed right away will compromise the ground surrounding the home. As the soil softens due to excess water, it creates the perfect setting for a sinkhole. This and all other problems mentioned above can be avoided by getting a professional to inspect the sewer lines regularly.

If you’re having issues at home or business because of sewer back up, Los Angeles, California, contact Team Rooter today and we’ll fix the issue for you.

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