4 Reasons That Metal Prints On Aluminium Are So Popular

Metal photo prints on aluminum are a rare sight that can warm your heart with vibrant colors and a stunningly smooth finish. They can easily recreate the contemporary aura that’s too enticing to be ignored. In fact, metal prints are known for their voguish matte finish that is unlike anything else.

What Are The Best Types Of Metal Photo Prints In The Market

To begin with, metal photo prints can be built for a corporate look as well as a homely feel. They are made available in the following 2 types, both equally mesmerizing.

  • Brushed Metal Finish – The brushed metal finish has a corporate touch. It’s the most organic form of art that brings to life the ecstatic view of beautifully brushed strokes that are clearly visible on empty white spaces on the picture.
  • White Metal Photo Prints -The color-popping white metal photo prints are ideal for residential decor since they are vibrant and yet bring our the effect of brushed strokes. Besides, they are equally ultra-clear like the brushed metal photo prints.

4 Benefits Of Metal Photo Prints That Make Them So Stunning

Metal photo prints exhibit the following 4 features that are also their benefits. Read through to learn more.

  1. Metal photo prints have metal panels supported by dibond wood to make the structure strong and sustainable. As a result of which the final picture has a 3/16th substrate that makes it close to unbreakable.
  2. These photo prints can be made spherical alongside the regular rectangular shape. Also, they can be made up to 48-96” large.
  3. Aluminum is a strong weatherproof metal that makes metal photo prints perfect for outdoor decor. Since the prints remain ignorant to moisture and heat, the pictures continue to enjoy the same brightness years later as they did when new.
  4. Metal photo prints are matte. However, if you want a glossy finish in metal, you can customize your picture to be made with liquid varnish. It uses a subtle combination of brushed effect as well as white metal effect, and the end result is a stunning glossy finish.

5 Best Mounting Options To Fix Metal Photo Prints On A Wall

Since metal photo prints aren’t heavy, they are easy to hang. The best 5 ways to do so are given below.

  • Flat – This is a thin metal panel image that can be leaned against the wall.
  • Mount – This structure has a 1” wooden panel surrounded by a strong adhesive to stick the picture straight to the wall.
  • Float – It has a 1” wooden panel in the center of the photo’s back. The panel is equipped with a strong adhesive that when pressed against the wall creates a floating illusion.
  • Wrap – The structure looks like a wrapped box since the picture extends beyond the edges. It is 1” thick and is hung straight against the wall.
  • Standoff – This photo print needs drilling to be fixed on the wall. Also, it’s the most robust of all the other kinds.

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