5 Cool Space Saving Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

The idea of saving space starts from compact and urban homes where it is challenging to find a room for everything and anything. Where else could you store your favourite clothing, accessories, jewellery and cosmetics other than your bedroom? Your bedroom should be a place where you and your partner love to spend time. Therefore, you must incorporate all your needs in the available space. Don’t forget to match your style and design to give the most creative and compact interior design ideas. It starts from using the right kind of furniture to the arrangement of things in your bedroom. Aim at making your bedroom interiors and furniture a reflection of your personality. Yes, it is time to throw out what’s not required and focus on positive storage space. You should be able to organise things and manage storage easily without clutter, thus avoiding chaos. Are you looking for modern bedroom furniture? Here are some intelligent ideas to save space in a bedroom and at the same time feel stylish. Wakefit provides you with the best furniture to fit all your accessories and save as much space as possible. 

Choose your Furniture based on the Size of your Room

The initial step to be taken is to know the size of your room. Plan your furniture in such a way that it is not too heavy or bulky, reducing the free space around. It will help the room remain airy and spacious. Try being resourceful by using multifunctional pieces of furniture. Use high designs in furniture to free up the floor space. Avoid heavy wood furniture as they are no longer attractive and fill up most of the space in your bedroom. As far as furniture placement is concerned, don’t try getting too clever, because you have to consider ease of access to things and making space. So try and keep the layout as simple as possible. 

Plan your Storage Wisely

Storage is one of the major factors to be looked into while planning your bedroom furniture. Choose a wardrobe that fits all your clothes and accessories. Make sure you don’t have to provide a space for any item outside your bedroom wardrobe. You can avoid a separate dressing table by fixing a mirror to the door of the wardrobe. Make sure you opt for adjustable shelves in your cabinet for better functionality in storage. De-cluttering your bedroom and arranging your wardrobe gives you a good night’s sleep. If you don’t have enough space to open the wardrobe door, you can always go for a sliding door wardrobe that easily serves the purpose. 

Incorporate Lofts and Floating Shelves

Lofts and floating shelves are another easy way to expand your storage space but keep your bedroom free and spacious. The most practical problem faced is no free movement and less floor space. The best solution to this is to elevate storage off the floor. Having a storage unit on the wall will give you enough space to place a study table or a writing table. Floating shelves could be open or closed depending on the type of storage. You could use open shelves to store books, trophies etc. It gives you a convenient spot to stash your bedtime reading. Lofts with vertical compartments converted into wardrobes help keep less important things that can neither be thrown away nor used every day. Build a simple floating shelf above the bed to place your phone, alarm and spectacles. It will help to keep the bedside table decluttered and neat. This way, you have more free space and a less cluttered look. 

Choose the Appropriate Type and Size of Bed

Setting the bed is like fixing the centre of the bedroom. Once the bed is set, the rest of the furniture falls into place gradually and efficiently. A bedroom bed is available in many sizes. Choose the right size that fits your bedroom perfectly well. Make sure you have enough walking space on either side of the bed so that you and your partner need not roll over to one side in order to get down. Choose storage beds to store your bedding, extra pillows, and towels to create more space for something else in the wardrobe. Hidden storage allows you to create a cool space and control your clutter. Adopt king size or queen size beds depending upon the size of the room. Be mindful and build storage around the bed to stock your extra blankets, cushions and jerkins. 

Use Side tables, TV units and Study Tables for more Functionality

Side tables and study tables should be customized in such a way that there are enough drawers to store all your stuff. A study table should be able to fit in all your books, stationery and files. Make sure you have a provision to place the CPU, monitor and printer on your study table. Similarly, the side tables should have drawers with organizers to organize your tablets, medicines etc. It should have enough space to store water jugs and books. Coming to the TV units, they are a complete unit that is fitted on a wall to hold the TV. This reduces the need for a separate table to hold the TV and other electronic items. 

The most effective way to save your bedroom space is to analyze your needs and choose accordingly. Keep in mind the amount of clutter you have and organize your room in such a way that it helps you access your things easily and more effectively. One of the best options is multipurpose furniture. Even the smallest bedrooms have the ability to give you a comfortable lifestyle if your furniture is chosen wisely. A little bit of creativity and planning is all you need to maximize the storage potential of a bedroom. Take a look at furniture online before you purchase any kind of furniture to understand how it looks and what other alternatives are available. Try and find the perfect options that suit best for your lifestyle and space. 

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