Bringing office plants to your work place:

Office furniture plays an important role in increasing the overall productivity of the workplace. Similarly, decorating your workplace with plants can add life to your office. Now many people wonder. Is it really essential to add plants to your workplace? According to the research, you can actually improve your health by adding small plants to your workplace. One Research was conducted at NASA where they were testing a house plant for two years. They come up with the result that adding plants can actually improve indoor air quality. So the result says that plant is a type of medication at the workplace. It makes a person happy and avoids mood swings. And if an employee will be healthier and happier he would more likely to be productive.

How plants can be healthier and improve internal air:

A heavy workload can usually cause health problems like headaches, back pain and muscle pain. Most of the employees spend a large part of their day in offices hence, it is very important for them to be mentally and physically healthy. Adding plants to your workplace could be a solution for both mental and physical health problems, as it improves indoor air quality and lightens the mood quickly. Adding plants to your workplace has health benefits but they can also be real eye candy. You can try different combinations of plants to make your workplace look more attractive. Professional interior designers now suggest bringing an outdoor look in one room in order to modernize the look.

Decorating a small plant in different places:

You can place small plants at different places like the center of the executive table as a showpiece and at the corner of the room. Even in modern interior designing, they have proper separate Shelving units [ชั้น วาง ของ, which is the term in Thai] where they manage to put a different variety of plants altogether.


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