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More than just decoration, the ceiling fan is a dual function device. Indeed, it integrates a powerful lighting system and a ventilation option to optimize the ambient temperature.

How to choose the ideal ceiling fan?

The size of the room is one of the main criteria for selecting the ceiling fan. It will indeed condition the efficiency and performance of the model to choose. To find the ideal size, measure the longest side of your room to fit the diameter of the unit:

  • 80 cm for an area of ​​9 to 10 m 2.
  • 100 to 115 cm for a room of 9 to 20 m 2.
  • 120 to 130 cm beyond 20 m 2.

To simplify the use of your new device, also determine the different integrated control systems. The existence of additional lighting is a plus, especially at the aesthetic and practical level. You Can go for the damp vs. wet rated ceiling fans and come up with the results now.

What are the different types of ceiling fans?

The ceiling fan is functional both in summer and winter. Indeed, it offers the possibility to cool the air in hot weather and warm it in the cold season. There are three kinds of fan trigger system:

  • By wired switch
  • By manual pull
  • By infrared remote control

The operation of a ceiling fan varies according to its blades:

  • The number of blades varies from 2 to 5.
  • They can be wood, plastic or metal.
  • They exist in a varied design (colonial, exotic, modern …)
  • Their inclination is a guarantee of performance.

Where to place the fan?

For optimal heat distribution, it is important to place the ceiling fan in a strategic corner. Choose a location near a heat source to put your device. Indeed, it raises hot air while the fan makes it down to the ground.

The beautiful days and the heat point the tip of their nose! It’s time to think about cooling off the hot summer nights ahead. The ceiling fan is the indispensable item. It’s over time the lousy and cheesy ceiling fan. Today the ceiling fan writes its acclaim. Silent, design, clean and aesthetic is the adjectives used to introduce ceiling fans. Since a few years, Mister Lumière offers a wide range of ceiling fans of all styles and at all prices. With CeilingFanTastic.com you can find the best solutions now.

Bright Ceiling Fan

There is a wide choice of ventilator with integrated lighting. On the fans, the lighting is independent of rotation. It is controlled by a pull switch on the entry-level models and by a remote control on all the others.

Namely, for remote controlled fans installed in place of a fixture, when you turn off your fan by the switch, when re-lighting only the light will work. You will need to use the remote control to restart the rotation of the blades.

How to Choose the Size of a Ceiling Fan?

This is a question that comes up very regularly for choosing a ceiling fan. Manufacturers recommend a fan with a diameter of 100 cm for rooms smaller than 10 m². Fan up to 132 cm in diameter for rooms up to 20 m² and a fan of 132 cm or higher for room over 20 m².

That being said, the bigger the fan, the more it moves a lot of air. The speed of rotation being adjustable it is more of an aesthetic choice.

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