Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Being a more practical, decorative, and economical flooring system for any building, concrete floors have become a popular feature in the industry. From large industrial enterprises to single-family homes, concrete floors leave their mark everywhere. Unlike other chemical processes on the surface, grinding a concrete requires a mechanical concrete grinding and concrete polishing Australia process, in which industrial diamonds and solid hardeners and sealants are used to level, seal, and polish.

It was challenging even for professionals to bring polished concrete floors and countertops to the edges, in corners and other hard-to-reach places, because so far all tools have rotated grinding wheels, except for very slow and tedious hand polishing blocks.

At Outstanding Floor Group, we believe that a high-quality polished concrete floor is more than just creating a smooth, shiny surface. A professionally and successfully polished concrete floor enhances the strength and beauty of concrete. To turn a slab from a shiny surface into a shiny polished surface, concrete must be sanded with various polished diamond resins. This is usually achieved with a floor grinder, known as a planetary grinder.

Grinding concrete helps place various models and structures on your floor. This is a uncomplicated and straightforward process that can add beauty to your favorite places, such as pool decks and patios. If you want to add your own shade and give a different look, sanding with concrete is the best option. Grinding concrete makes your concrete floor exciting and gives it a unique character.

With a fantastic list of benefits such as reflectivity, slip resistance, low maintenance, and reasonable prices, you can indeed be proud of your own decision. Therefore, pay attention to more practical options and choose polished concrete polish to make your personal space more decorative and shining.

The result is a set of ten tools for grinding and polishing the corners of a concrete floor, which is suitable for most oscillating tools that remove glue or even heavy paint, grind to full alignment, and finely grind areas in preparation for polishing resin pillows. Tools are made in the style of “finger” to get into hard to reach places, and in the manner of a triangle for flat grinding slightly more significant areas.

These tools for concrete grinding and concrete polishing Australia floors can also be used on stairs where steps meet the wall, the sides of the stairs and around other objects on the floor, such as pipes, H-shaped steel load-bearing beams, foot restrooms or any other hard-to-reach place where the angle grinder is not suitable.

Dust isn’t a problem due to the vibrating diamond head doesn’t throw the dust into the air; it settles around the tool and also can be removed by vacuum at any time. The devices are suitable for most machines on the market and come in packs of 10.

A coarse finger device is supplied, which removes stickiness from hard concrete, and the other three finger tools will create an excellent finish, ready to be polished with a rubber pad. Triangular diamond tools are also provided for flat surfaces of three grains, similar to finger tools. The kit includes a triangular hook pad for attaching polymer linings for final polishing, if necessary, and two nozzles for quick removal of glue and the heavy coatings before diamond grinding, which are usually quickly clogged with such dirt.

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