Do’s and Don’ts When Restumping Your Home

If there’s one thing that homeowners know for sure, it is that someday, their humble abode will require renovation. Raising a home from its base or structure is one process done when renovating. This process is called restumping and is generally done to elevate the foundation of a house.

Restumping is likewise done to make additions or modifications to a home such as a terrace or a patio which adds value to the property. In most cases, though, restumping is done to make a home more resistant to its’ immediate environment.

So where do you start?

Of course, merely opting to get restumping done is no guarantee of excellent results and there are several factors to consider. For starters, you need to choose an expert on restumping in Melbourne, choose a suitable design and account for all the expenses.

Consider the following do’s and don’ts when restumping your home:

Do visit your local council before calling a restumping expert to determine if you require planning

Some residential areas need building approval, so find out if your property falls into this category. Do understand all the details and pertinent facts about house raising before you make plans with your specialist. For instance, there are listings that you can look for where homes are restricted to house raising services.

Do not finalise and implement your restumping project without consulting a restumping expert

If you began preparing for your renovation with and you all of a sudden thought of modification or addition, make sure that you talk with your expert about it. There may be possibilities that your plan is not feasible with your existing property. The best time to plan is when you are with your expert so you won’t lose your time planning on something that is not possible.

Do work with a reputable house restumping service

Raising a home is not a simple endeavour. It requires appropriate preparation and method to reinforce the structure of your house. If you are preparing for a home raising or a house restumping, you need to discover a trusted company with years of experience.

You should have no trouble finding a restumping service online. That said, you do need to be careful about which restumping expert you choose, or you can end up wasting your hard-earned money.

Don’t proceed with the task until you get a breakdown of the expenses

Raising a home can be costly. It would usually consist of demolition, wall framing and raising, flooring covering, bathroom and kitchen area expenses. Other expenses might include repairing electrical wires, pipes, earthworks, and developing. Aside from these expenditures, you should be able to expect additional costs such as mistakes, preparing errors, and others.

When you have a breakdown of your expenses, you must be able to set a budget plan for this project.


So there you have it — some vital dos and don’ts for restumping your home. As you may have already realised, restumping is no meagre task and demands considerable skill and investment in time and money. Do it right, though, and it can be one of the most significant improvements that you can do for your home.

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