Emergency And Exit Lighting

The function of emergency lighting is to provide light in case of emergency, this is battery-based lighting equipment when there is a power failure or power breakdown.

The concept of emergency light is fast growing these days in commercial as well as residential buildings, these lights are mainly used in college buildings, apartments, hotels etc.

The emergency lights are placed in a manner that they can help the workers at the site to move towards the exit of the building without any hassle. It can be possible that workers might face a hazard or might come across an obstacle while doing their exit from the building in order to avoid this obstacle and to have safe exit the emergency lights or can say the exit lights play a very vital role. These exit lights can also be used in commercial planes, floor emergency etc. in order to make the exit easy for the individuals.

We have often seen that there is a huge device of light hanging at the exit area of a store or a dining place, the huge device hanging at the door is not meant for the showpiece, but the purpose of this light is to act as an emergency device during the exits. These lights can have a single bulb or even a double bulb and can be used for multiple reasons.

An emergency light or can say an exit light is in the form of battery, with a circuit board and also a transformer. The light bulb gets power from the battery and further this is being recharged by the transformer. When there is loss of power the circuit board gets the signal and then they provide light in return to the facility this light is the emergency light. The emergency lights or the exit lights are also known as fluorescent lights and in the past few years, they have been very famous. The emergency light comes with a life span of 2-3 years.

The fluorescent lights are free of all-weather  hazards and they are designed in such a way that it can fight all the weather conditions and outdoor issues , the emergency lights come in different models and different battery life , they are developed in such a way that they can handle all type of weather issues like extreme heat or extreme cold.

The emergency or exit lights help in coming out from dark areas and having safe exits, it makes the life of passer-by easy and hassle-free, these lights also bring down the chances of unwanted accidents and bash ups.

Emergency and exit lighting resolve the issue of bad sight in case the power goes off or there are light issues due to weather constraints. There are many manufacturers who an expert in making these exit and emergency lights and the variety offered by these manufacturers is also huge. The lights are available at a very reasonable cost and the quality of these lights is also very good. 

The emergency lights are very useful for commercial sites and residential buildings.

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