Few Things to Understand About the Maintenance Charges While Buying an Apartment

Often buyers of an apartment check almost everything, but miss out on the maintenance charges. Often the maintenance charges keep increasing, but the services offered are not up to the mark.

If you buy an apartment from Arvind Codename Unlimited, then the builder will offer good maintenance service at an affordable price, but the same cannot be said about all other builders.

Therefore, maintenance charges that need to be either paid quarterly or annually becomes a much disputed issue for all apartment owners.

What are the things that maintenance charges will cover?

Usually the maintenance will cover the following:

  1. Maintenance of all basic infrastructure facilities like elevator, park, fire and safety etc. 
  2. Maintenance also includes regular cleaning and maintaining common areas like staircases, lobby and parking area.

All the terms and conditions are decided while signing the contract. However, after the builder like Arvind Belair hands over the charges to resident association, then various new rules get introduced into it. 

As a matter of fact, no clear rule exists in the country barring the state of Maharashtra, about agreement for maintenance and as a result there is not enough transparency available.

As such, maintenance charges are usually decided based on the square foot areas of the apartment that will include service charges for regular housekeeping, cleaning and also repair of various facilities provided.

Water and electricity will however be charged according to the consumption. In many other society, security of the building is also included in the security charges. 

It is also to be understood that various service taxes like GST and Swachh Bharat taxes will also be included in the maintenance charges.

Therefore, it is important that before you decide to buy your apartment in any society, make sure that you are clear about the terms of maintenance charges too.

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