Finest Options for the Best Used Safes: Your Choices

The use of a safe requires discipline and routine. Many people want to place a safe as concealed as possible and therefore choose a place that is therefore difficult to reach yourself. In a hidden corner where you can hardly reach, it is more difficult to quickly put something away or to get it out of the safe. The result is that valuables are not stored away. An easily accessible place makes you more inclined to actually use it. In addition, it is easy to handle a place for all valuables, so you always know where they are.

Covering up is good, but don’t let it go at the expense of ease of use because it’s difficult to access it yourself. Burglars know well where to look and will undoubtedly find the safe.Place a safe in an easily accessible, but not conspicuous place. Even when you choose the used safes los angeles the level of protection would be high enough.

Is the safe certified?

Safe IIIA really good safe has been extensively tested for burglary and / or fire resistance by a recognized institute. In USA it is the CB-S (Certification Body Systems). A certificate means a guaranteed resistance to attacks or high temperature. The certificate can be found on a type plate that is attached to the inside of the vault door. The most important certificates are:

Burglar-proof safe

  • AN 14450 with Security Level 1 or 2 (S1, S2). This guarantees light burglary resistance and keeps 95% of occasional burglars out.
  • AN 1143-1 with Classes 0 to VII. This guarantees heavy burglary-resistant and is suitable for business purposes or higher value retention requirements.
  • (AN 1300 guarantees a reliable lock that cannot be manipulated and is part of AN 14450 and AN 1143-1)

Burglar-resistant and fire-resistant

A good burglar and fire resistant safe has two certificates. A recognized specialist can tell you everything about certifications, value retention and fire resistance. You can read more about this here:

  • Information card standards and value retention burglar-proof safes
  • Information card standards fire-resistant safes

Buy a certified safe. This ensures you a good product with guaranteed safety.

Which type of lock is preferred?

The choice of a lock type depends on how the lock is used and how many people must have access to the lock. An electronic combination lock offers the possibility of giving multiple persons an access code. The advantage is that no keys have to be managed. If the batteries are empty the safe can be opened by connecting an extra battery externally or with an emergency key.

A key lock means that keys must be managed. That means that you have to think carefully who gives you a key and where it is stored. Getting a bunch of keys on the table is not a good idea. Burglars will always look for keys and if they find them, they will easily empty the safe without breaking. Choose the lock that you feel most comfortable with, after all you have to operate it every time to open the safe.

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