Good Plumbers In Houston Are Hard To Find

In a city of 2.3 million people, you would think that it’s easy to find any service you need. It may be true partially, it’s easier finding anything you need in Houston than in some smaller city with just a few thousand people. However, the experience has shown that good plumbers are hard to find in Houston.

Sure, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any, but it is simply hard to find some really good ones. There are more than a thousand plumbers in this city. You can’t expect all of them to be perfect but you’d expect at least most of them to be.

Residents of Houston have a real problem finding a good one when they are in need. Although most of the reviews you’ll see online are fairly good, you’ll still have to face plumbers coming late, working too slow, doing a poor job, or even not knowing how to deal with the problem. To avoid all these things, we’ve made a list of qualities you should look in your plumber before hiring them. Here they are:


Of course, you can’t avoid the plumber’s rating online. Social networks where clients and plumber communicate and rate each other are very useful. Have in mind these two things when you look at reviews – one, don’t believe at reviews that make certain plumbers look like the God of plumbing, and two, take the bad reviews more seriously.

For example, if you see a review that explains thoroughly how the plumber worked and where they did wrong, that is a helpful review. If you see more ratings with just one star but no comments above, then this is not a helpful review. Make good research and find a plumber that is clear that knows how to work.


A lot of plumbers work without a license. It’s important to hire a plumber that is licensed because the license is actually proof that this person coming over to your home knows what they’re doing. Also, in case something goes wrong, you’ll know where to find them.

Unlicensed plumbers can be found on the internet but usually the search plumbing Houston will give you results of many quality and experienced companies doing plumbing services and private plumbers that have a lot of experience. This is a good option and you’ll probably make a good choice.


Experience, like in every aspect of life, is highly important. Plumbing is a serious job and requires skills and knowledge, but more importantly, it requires many hours spent under the sink. Plumbing is such a job that demands flexibility and intelligence. You need to solve dangerous situations in a matter of second so a good plumber must be up for anything.

Experience, in this case, is very important. A plumber that had many working hours and had to face different difficult situations will know how to handle anything that comes their way. That’s why an experienced plumber is a better choice than a young one with a good record.


Look for a plumber that has clear insurance. Plumbing sometimes is dangerous and accidents happen. You can’t afford to get into a situation where no one will cover the damage that is done. See here how complicated DIY plumbing can be and how many dangers there are.


Always ask for a warranty. For a simple faucet change you need a warranty. When the plumbers come and change your faucet, they’ll install a brand new one. If you go to the store and buy it on your own, you’ll surely get a warranty for at least a year. You should ask for the same treatment from your plumber.

When we say warranty we don’t mean just for the parts that are installed but for the work too. You’re not a professional plumber and you don’t know how to fix something if a problem occurs later. You also can’t pay for every visit of the plumber especially not for something that is their fault. Always ask for a warranty.


Every plumber will tell you how much it will cost right after you explain the problem. Ask at least three plumbers and never choose the one that offers a much lower price than the others. It means something’s not right there.

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