Great Uses for the Heating Furnaces

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The heat source in these devices is a ceramic-metal heating element or an electric spiral. Heated air is circulated through the room using the built-in blades. The power of household appliances usually ranges from 1-4 kW. This is enough to raise the temperature by 10-15 ° C in a matter of minutes on an area of ​​10-40 m2.

Most often, fan heaters (especially small models) are bought for targeted heating of a certain zone. They do not maintain temperature throughout the day, but are indispensable when you need to warm up quickly. The use of the best heating furnace – Athens, GA comes up essential there.

They are mobile, and in summer they can be used as a regular fan 

  • High power consumption.
  • The dust which has got on TEN burns down and there is an unpleasant smell.
  • The unit is quite noisy.
  • The warming effect evaporates quickly.
  • Not too long service life (2-3 years of continuous operation). 

Heat guns work on the same principle, but more powerful and larger. They are used to heat large areas – garages, construction sites.


These heaters are similar in appearance to stationary radiators. The only difference is that they can be moved, and inside the case is not water, but a special oil. Its temperature rises (or falls) during the operation of the tubular electric heater. The more ribs a battery has, the faster the air warms up.

The power of the devices (up to 2.5 kW) is regulated by a manual thermostat, and in more expensive models – automatic. 

  • After shutdown, it continues to give off heat.
  • Noiselessness.
  • Fire safety. The device turns off as soon as the desired temperature is reached (if there is a circuit breaker). 


  • Great power consumption.
  • Slow, in comparison with fan heaters, warming up.
  • Budget units with a small number of sections warm up too much and cannot be used in children’s rooms.
  • Uneven distribution of heat flow. Combined models do not have this drawback with fans.


Dust can also accumulate and burn on an oil heater for an apartment, but it is easier to clean.


There are devices with closed heating elements (usually air heating elements with aluminum diffusers) and a flat body. They can be stationary and mobile. Units are designed for quick heating of the room without the use of an electric fan. Even cheap (about 1,500 rubles) convectors are equipped with a good thermostat. This means that the temperature fluctuations in the room will not exceed 1 ° C.

The principle of operation is based on the natural circulation of air: while the cold flows remain below, the warm ones rise up. Thus, the device draws in cold air, heats it, and then releases it back into the room, where it rises to the ceiling. Over time, warm air completely displaces the cold. 


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