How Does A Garage Door Track Get Damaged And How Does Someone Repair It?

A bent garage door track can ensure that the door attached to it will never go up or down ever again, but what causes a garage door track to bend? More importantly, how does someone affect a garage door track repair? Here we’ll cover how it happens and how to repair it:

First, there are a number of reasons as to why a garage door track can get damaged. The worst issue that can cause the track to bend or break is if the foundation itself has shifted. If this has happened, then the owner of the home might have more issues then just a bent track to consider.

Metal fatigue can also result in the need for repair. If there has been too much pressure and weight put on the track over a period of time, then it can cause the track to bend. Corrosion from rust and road salt can also result in the track becoming damaged over time.

If the track has been bumped into by heavy equipment or machinery, then the hit could have been strong enough to have caused denting or bending. Improper care and snapped cables can also cause undue stress on the tracks, resulting in damage.

So, now they everyone knows what the likely culprit was, how does one go about getting it fixed? A professional can be called in to do a garage door track repair or they can try to repair it themselves. If a person isn’t that much of a handyman, then it might be best to go for the first option, but for those bent on doing it themselves, the first thing to do is to open the garage door all the way and secure it well with vice grips. Ensure that the door is firmly secured, because no one wants it to start moving when they’re in the middle of a repair!

Next, use the back of a hammer to bend the bracket as closely back into shape as possible. Then, remove the bolts holding the track in place, but only the ones holding the bent part of the track. Once the track has been removed, use a mallet and a block of wood to hammer it back into shape. A hammer or a set of pliers will also get the job done.

If the track is so badly damaged that it can’t be properly straightened, then it might be necessary to head to the nearest hardware store and get a new track.

After the track has been repaired or replaced, secure it back to the wall with the required tools and then remove the vice grips and give it a try. If the garage door travels down those tracks without a problem, then mission accomplished! If, however, the garage door is still not going down properly, it might be a good idea to call in a professional who does garage door track repairs!

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