How To Save Money When It Comes To Flat Refurbishment In London

When it comes to balancing your budget, it can sometimes feel like there’s nothing more expensive than making changes to your home. While updating your flat may seem prohibitively costly, there are some simple tricks that can help you save money when you truly need it most.

So, here are four our favourite tips, starting with-

  1. Checking Out Charity shops: If you’re looking to find a true bargain, there’s often nowhere better to turn than a London charity shop. The City enjoys a long and rich history of craftsmanship, with many amazing pieces changing hands over the years. And as renters move out or to less expensive boroughs, some amazing furniture can be turned over to local stores and antiques dealers. If you’re looking to find the perfect statement piece of furniture or unique, framed work of art; regularly checking your local charity and second-hand stores is a fantastic place to start.
  2. Online sales: While seeing items in person is essential before you add them to your home, keeping your eye out for online deals is a quick and simple way to make sure that amazing offers never end up passing you buy. This can be as simple as setting up google alerts on your laptop or smartphone or browsing dedicated site-pages like hotukdeals to ensure that you never miss a bargain. If any store has a bricks and mortar establishment near you, taking a trip inside can let you see every item and help you try before you buy…though you may end up feeling a little guilty when you end up leaving empty handed.
  3. Tweak established brands: While having an Ikea furnished home may be cost-effective, some style fans could worry about ending up with a cookie-cutter design that looks similar to other homes. If that is the case, it’s worth remembering that there are many successful businesses operating online that specialise in providing custom parts for your Ikea furniture – allowing you to enjoy Ikea costs without compromise on quality, even when it comes to flat refurbishment in London. These can be as simple as handles and cabinet fronts to full redesigns of cupboards and wardrobe spaces. Many businesses also provide specific lighting and storage solutions that work with a range of established style, providing you with a standout piece at fraction of the expected cost.
  4. Do it yourself: At the end of the day, sometimes it’s just worth taking matters into your own hands to ensure that a project is finished out to your complete satisfaction. Sourcing reclaimed or abandoned furniture is cheap, easy, and surprisingly easy to strip and improve after following a few online tutorials. Investing in a simple sheet of sandpaper and some wood stain or paint can see you ending up with a simple piece that could look perfect for your home. This can not only save you money and provide a helpful hobby, but also add a little extra cash if you decide to eventually sell your finished piece on through sites like gumtree or eBay.

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