How to Serve the Best Gin at Home

For such a complex, detailed, and diverse mind, the gin in its purest form is quite simple. That is neutral base alcohol flavoured with herbal supplements – essentially like vodka with extra items. Most “real” commercial gin producers extract distillation flavours from their plants. It is possible to make gin simply by taking the basic spirit. It is possible to prepare your gin using vodka.

There is an important thing to note, if you do not distil your gin again, it will not be very clear. But the taste will be like that of gin, which is an essential thing! Your gin colour will depend on which botanist you utilize but is usually yellow or amber. In case you want to get rid of the colour, pass it through a Brita filter. You can also filter it through a muslin cloth and put it in a freezer, which lightens the colour a little.

How to prepare a homemade gin

To prepare a gin at home, you will require the following Ingredients:
• 750 ml of high-quality vodka
• Juniper berries – 2 tablespoons (use more in case you are juniper berries fun)
• Coriander seeds -1 teaspoon
• Cardamom pods -2
• Peppers -2
• Cinnamon sticks – Halved
• A dried orange peel- small piece (make sure you extract the white marrow as it is very sour)
• A dried lemon peel- small piece (without the white marrow)


1. Using boiling water, sterilize a glass bottle or clean Mason jar.
2. Place your plants in a glass with no fresh peel
3. Add vodkas and leave them for 24 hours in a cool, dark place.
4. Try the infusion – it should have already collected a good juniper fruit. Add fresh peels along with additional herbal supplements whose taste you want to improve.
5. Let it work for 24 hours and shake the bottle lightly at least once. Make sure you do not wait too long and do not over-mix – think about making tea.
6. Try again. If everything is right for you, filter all plants through a sieve. If there is still filtrates, use a coffee filter or muslin to re-apply it.
7. Leave the product for a few days, then filter out the remaining filtrate and place in a jug with a water filter to make it more transparent (but you should not worry too much when it comes to the colour).
8. Put your gin in a bottle – you can always create your label – and you can try your creation next to your loved one.

How to serve gin

When the gin is ready to drink, collect the following ingredients to get a tonic:
• Tonic Water
• Lime wedges- they should be fresh
• Ice

• Chill the gin glasses. Put the glasses in the freezer to cool for approximately 20 minutes before serving. That is not compulsory but remembering this step will help keep your gin cooler for longer.
• Add ice cream. When done, pour ice cubes into chilled glasses. Bigger ice cubes work better because the surface for melting ice is small.
• Add gin and first lime. Pour gin on ice and squeeze in the lime.
• Add a second lime and a tonic of water. Fill each tonic tin with water and garnish it with lime carving.

Preparing and serving gin is easier than you think. You can make it at home and have the best experience. Try it now.

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