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A fireplace in a private house is not only an interior decoration. It heats the room, creating a comfortable environment. This is a complete furnace, which must be selected and operated in accordance with all the rules. There are many varieties of fireplaces that meet a wide variety of operating conditions. There are options for both a private house and an apartment. How to choose a fireplace will be described in detail below. For the Modern Fireplace this is the best choice.

How to choose a fireplace for a house or apartment?

First of all, you need to take into account the capabilities of the room in which you plan to complete the installation. Today on sale are two main varieties of heating fireplaces:

  • Electric.
  • Wood burning. 

The first of these options is smaller. These are compact devices that do not require a chimney. Electric fireplace flame is not real. It can be very similar to it, but heat is produced by heating elements. Since the electric fireplace does not need a chimney, it is easy to install it in the apartment.

How to choose a wood fireplace for the house?

This is a real stove, which is built primarily from refractory bricks. This design is heavy, so a separate foundation is created for it. To install a wood stove in the house, you will need to create a chimney in accordance with existing safety requirements. The room in which such a fireplace is installed should be large. Otherwise, the stove will look bulky and inappropriate. For the Modern Fireplace Mantel this is one important aspect.

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It is worth noting that an electric fireplace is a safer device. For its proper operation, new wiring is required. The power of the heater can be large. The calculation of this indicator is carried out in accordance with the overall quadrature of the room. Another advantage of the electric fireplace is the ease of installation and operation. Many modern models are equipped with a remote control, which greatly increases the comfort of use. For the Modern Fireplace Surround this is important now.

Wood burning fireplace

How to choose a wood burning fireplace? It is worth considering several features of such furnaces. They are used more often not for the purpose of heating a room, but as a specific interior object. This is due to large heat loss. 

  • Due to the presence of a chimney, from 60% to 70% of the heat generated in the process of burning wood will leave the room.

How to choose a firebox for a wood fireplace

But the presence of a fireplace in the room with a real living flame allows you to create an incredibly cozy atmosphere. Peacefulness and comfort will reign in a private house. If you want to create a complete heating system, the fireplace will need to be improved. The furnace is equipped with special thermal insulation, and also special devices are additionally mounted in the system. This, for example, may be a fan, which will return a significant part of the heat back to the room. Such refinement allows to increase the heating efficiency by 2 times.


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