No Yard Space? Try Rooftop Gardening

A common problem with gardening is when you don’t have enough space for more plants. Not everybody lives in a house with a yard and a spacious lawn to grow a variety of plants or even consider landscaping ideas. It’s a bummer, but living in a box doesn’t always mean you can’t garden.

A simple and easy way to move along with your love for plants and gardening is to make do with what you have. You can either utilize your apartment’s balcony to place a few potted plants or planters so you can do something you enjoy.

However, there is another idea you can try especially if you don’t have the right horizontal space. As the saying goes, if there is no other way, there is always a way up, and in this context, it means rooftop gardening.

City dwellers often stay in high rise condominium apartments since it’s usually cheaper and a lot more convenient. And for those living in the city who are craving to get their hands dirty, with the soil,of course, rooftop gardening is a brilliant plan.

Nevertheless, there are a few important things to consider when going for this unconventional method of gardening. First of all, if you don’t own the building or at least the very top floor, you’ll need to get a permit from your landlord. You also need to know the right type of plants that will work in a rooftop garden. Apart from that, you’ll need a skilled landscape design Eastern Suburbs from Amico to ensure that your vision comes to life.

Since it is non-traditional, you need to be prepared when taking on this recreation. With the right information and the right tools, you can enjoy a beautiful escape right on top of your roof.

With that said, here are some things you need to consider when planning a rooftop garden along with a few tips and tricks to make it more beautiful and efficient.

  1. Structure

Thinking about the structure is probably the most important part of planning a rooftop garden. You need to consider the weight it will eventually have since it will get heavier than you think. Your balcony or roof needs to have sufficient structural support so you won’t get into problems later on. For this particular factor, it’s best to consult a professional gardener or landscape artist. Check out to find a professional near you.

  1. Space

Space in gardening is crucial, especially for rooftop locations. For starters, think about what else you plan on using the space for. Would you like to entertain guests with your foliage and landscaping or do you want it to be a place to escape? Nevertheless, plan your design according to what you intend the space to do.

  1. Plants

A rooftop garden isn’t complete without the plants. Because of its unconventional location, you’ll need to pull out all of the stops to recreate a yard that will turn into a garden. First, plan your plants by balancing flowers and foliage. Also, you need to ensure that there is proper drainage so your plants will survive. This is also crucial for preventing unwanted accidents brought about by improper drainage. Also, make sure to select the right type of soil so your plants can thrive happily.

  1. Maintenance

Finally, think about maintenance. If you’re a busy person during most of the week, opt for low maintenance plants that you won’t have to tend to often. Otherwise, go and choose whatever plant you like.

Final Word

Rooftop gardening is a brilliant way to balance your busy life in the city. On your spare time, you can enjoy a wonderful recreation while you relish the view from the top. Make sure to consider these top tips and consult a professional once you start planning your rooftop garden oasis.

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