Pros and Cons of Carpet Tile Flooring   

Carpet tile flooring (พรม ปู พื้น, which is the term in Thai) is designed to have a similar look as standard carpet flooring. It is easy to install, and often come in different colours and patterns to create a more appealing look. Below are the pros and cons of carpet tile flooring. 


Easy to Install

Carpet tile flooring is the perfect option for an easy to install floor type. They are easy to install and are designed with simplicity in mind.

Extremely Durable

Durability is another benefit of carpet tile flooring. These carpet options are designed to last exceptionally long, and they can be relied on to continue serving when other types of carpet flooring would have worn out. 

Easy to Maintain

Businesses and homeowners often find maintaining standard carpet overwhelming. Carpet tile flooring is a bit easier to maintain. With regular sweeping and vacuuming, your carpet tile will remain as good as new. Washing or shampooing can be recommended once in a while to remove built-in stains and to cleanse the carpet thoroughly. 


Edge Fray

Carpet tiles often have a broken up look. As the tiles start wearing out, fraying becomes visible. Fraying takes typically long before it gets visible though, and many business and homeowners are willing to invest in it.

Risk of Disfigurement

Most standard carpet tiles are made with a rubber backer which makes them resistant to moisture and durable. However, the backer has some demerits as well, such as getting warped, which carpet tile not so appealing. If you decide to install carpet tile flooring, you should expect it to get disfigured and oddly shaped with time. Cleaning your tile with water can get it deformed over time, so it is advisable not to get the tiles too wet.

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