Requirements for becoming a licensed home builder in Utah

For any business or individual who aspires to start their construction work in Utah, this article holds all the necessary information on how one can get a contractor’s license to practice legally in the state. Follow this article till the end so that you know all the necessities that need to be fulfilled by the applicant for becoming one of the licensed St George Utah home builders. To keep it straight, you need to complete an application and pass the necessary exams to get Utah general contractor’s license after registering your business and securing insurance. You also need to have a Utah contractor’s Bond and submit the other necessary documents along with the application to qualify for the license.

Follow through the step-by-step procedure to know how to get your Utah contractor license for becoming  home builders St George Utah.

STEP-1: Determine the type of license that you want

There are three types of licenses in Utah

  • The General Building Contractor’s License is one of them which permits you to work in the building of structures along with remodeling and repairing but not plumbing, electrical or mechanical work.
  • The second one is a Residential And Small Commercial Contractors License which permits you to work on single or multi-family residential properties less than or equal to 4 units. It also lets you work on small commercial properties like three-story buildings, spanning across less than 20,000 square feet. This is the license that enables you to become a home builder St George Ut. 
  • The last one is the general engineering contractor’s license that permits you to work for services like drainage, irrigation, flood control, waterway, and sewer. As it does not allow you to construct residential or commercial properties, you don’t have to look towards this to become a home builder st george ut.

STEP-2: Keep the Prerequisites in mind

Some necessary conditions have to be met for eligibility for the license.

  • You have to be at least 18 years of age or above to be able to fill the application form for the license.
  • You must have at least two years of full-time work-related experience in the last 10 years.

STEP-3: Either be a qualifier for the license or find the one who can be

A qualifier is a person who testifies to the knowledge and experience that is necessary to get the license. This also includes giving the exam for the license.

You can always find the details on the qualifier and license exam on the official websites.

STEP-4: Business requirements should be complete

There is a complete list of requirements that you need to adhere to for the completion of your documents. 

  • You have to get your entry registered with the Utah Division of Corporations to become one of the St George Utah home builders
  • You also have to register a DBA with the Utah Division of Corporations.
  • The IRS will give you an Employer Identification Number which is necessary.
  • From the Utah State Tax Commission, you have to obtain a state withholding tax registration.

STEP-5: The Financial Requirements should be complete

There are two components of the financial requirements that need to be fulfilled to become a home builders st george ut. 

  • From an insurance agent, secure a liability insurance coverage of at least $100,000 per accident and $300,000 aggregate.
  • Also secure workers’ compensation insurance in case you plan to have employees.
  • Get a Utah contractor Bond from a licensed surety bond provider.
    • The bond is not required by all the applicants but only those whose answer is yes to the financial responsibility questions in the application form.
    • The constructive services Commission will help you in verification if you require a Bond.
    • A different amount of money is required for acquiring different categories of contractor licenses to become home builders st george ut.

STEP-6: The Fee Payment

Most of the applicants are required to pay $405 as the total application fee which includes $210 for classification of license and the remaining $195 for an initial assessment.

Before you can be granted a license it is necessary to pay any outstanding citations for recovery fund payouts before applying for the license to become one of the home builders St George Utah.

STEP-7: The Submission

The completed documentation has to be submitted to the below-mentioned address.

Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing

PO Box 146741

Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Renewal terms and conditions

Once you have become one of the  licensed home builders St George Utah you also have to consider renewing your license when it expires. Simple steps that will renew your license are:

  • Filling the renewal application
  • Paying the renewal fee
  • Renewing your Utah Contractor License Bond

There are some helpline numbers as well as government sites to help you with your queries in case you need any extra information about getting a license or renewing it.

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