Roof Replacement 101: Things To Consider, Questions To Ask, And How To Stay On Budget

Working with trusted local roofers in Maryland makes it easier for homeowners to feel like they are in good hands. Despite knowing the local company, it can still be hard to stay on track with project completion dates and budgets. Here are a few tips, basics and useful facts about roof replacements that will keep you moving forward in the right direction:

Things To Consider

The top three most important things to consider when replacing a roof are as follows:

1 – Contractor

Hiring the best contractor will guarantee that you not only replace the roof efficiently, it is also the high quality possible. Roofers in Maryland are also excellent communicators which can help reduce stress before, during, and after the roof has been replaced.

2 – Budget

Before starting on any major home project, determining the budget is always a top priority. Always stick to the set budget so you don’t find yourself taking out unexpected loans in the middle of replacing the roof.

3 – Timeline

How fast do you need the project completed and can the contractor meet the timeline? Clear up all these details with all potential roofers to ensure you are not out of your home longer than you have to be.

Questions To Ask

Maintaining an open line of communication with the roofer is the only way to ensure everything is going according to play. Before hiring a contractor, here are some important questions to ask:

1 – How Long Is The Warranty?

Roof placements are expensive. A contractor must be able to provide a warranty for their work and materials used for at least 25 years. Anytime below is subject to question and shouldn’t be accepted.

2 – Can You Provide A Written Estimate?

A written estimate of cost, materials, timeline, and other important details is a homeowner’s best friend. This piece of document is like a contract that you can use in case something goes awry in the middle of the project or when the bill arrives.

3 – What Are The Precautions For Weather And Other Delays?

All roofers must account for possible delays due to weather, permits, and materials delivery. Be sure to ask them if they have any precautions or a Plan B to ensure they meet the deadline.

Staying On Budget

Here are a few handy tips that will help you stay on budget from start to finish:

1 – Craft A Detailed Outline

Take note of the size and pitch of the roof along with the cost of getting permits and the contractor fees. Research the cost of all possible materials so you can create a detailed and very accurate budget even before construction starts.

2 – Choose Materials Wisely

Be very hands-on and do research on the best possible materials to use and the pros and cons of each. Every type of roofing material from metal, asphalt, slate, and everything in between have their advantages and disadvantages aside from price. Knowing all the facts will help you plan, budget, and choose the right one.

3 – Account For The Unexpected

No matter how well you plan for the roof replacement, something will go wrong. To avoid getting caught off-guard and out of money, budget in at least 20% extra of the total estimate for added expenses. If you don’t spend the extra money, at least you have some savings already set aside.

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