Seven Questions To Ask Before Buying A Commercial Security System

Having good security for your commercial building is a good business move no matter what area your business or warehouse resides in. Not all security commercial security systems are created equal though so it is imperative you do research before signing a contract. Many companies have information to read on their website or in their informational brochures if you are to inquire about a contract but if you want the whole picture asking these seven questions will do nothing but benefit you and ensure you make the right decision for your business.

Additional fees can be embedded in a legal jargon and hidden from you until the moment you need something specific and suddenly your bill for the month is much bigger than usual. When signing any contract it’s always a smart idea to read through thoroughly but asking straightforwardly will cut out the run around depending on how the contract is worded. Monthly monitoring fees and false alarm fees are things that can sometimes find their way onto your bill. Reputable companies will list these outright when asked for a quote so if you find yourself having to ask about hidden fees it might not be the right fit.

Security systems must be licensed in the state your commercial building resides in. Companies that are long standing for providing their service in your area will be licensed but they can offer referrals from locals that can be trusted for a second round of solidifying their reputation and legality in your city or state.

The type of monitoring that will be given is very important. If you’re looking for a specific type like twenty-four hour surveillance make sure you make that clear in case they offer something different. Some companies will have you rely on your phone or computer for alerts. You don’t want to get stuck in a contract that has you watching cameras twenty-four hours a day!

More likely than not multiple people will be needing access to your facility. Asking if you and your employees will be given multiple access codes is a good way to figure out if you’re going to have to select a certain few that can have access or if you need to ensure multiple people know one sole code. One code makes it harder to competently identify a track who has been in and out of the facility.

Having a warranty will save you money in the long run. In case of damage such as weather, break ins, or malfunctions it’s good to know if you’ll have to pay out of pocket for any type of damage or if there is a warranty for a certain amount of time. Most companies should have a manufacturer’s warranty that guarantees you won’t be financially responsible should anything not work properly due to a defaulted part.

The type of technology is also important when choosing one of the many commercial security systems offered today. Having the best technology might come at a heavier price but the newest and most updated technology is always going to be the most reliable in terms of storage, video feed quality, and hacking. Hacking has become a big security threat within the last decade and most security systems are run off of WiFi or some sort of internet. Theft can be conducted by breaking through and disarming the security system without even needing a code. Understanding how security works will give you peace of mind when you’re not at your commercial building.

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