Steps for the right Cleaning Service for you

We first remove the dry dirt with a vacuum cleaner or ordinary broom, then mechanically remove the latex, gypsum, etc. drops, and then treat the stains with a solvent. If the tiles are covered only with construction dust, which has also fallen into the joints, it is best to wash with vinegar solution and then with soap solution. Then we pass the floor with clean water. With the cleaning services in scarborough you can get the best deal.

How is lime cleaned?

The lime droplets, which have settled on the floor, are carefully removed with a spatula, and then the floor is washed with a mixture of 100 grams of vegetable oil and one bucket of hot water. Repeat the procedure with clean water, in which a little detergent or vinegar is added.

How to wash a screed floor?

This is a procedure that is very time consuming for the average housewife. The floor is washed 3-4 times. When several crystals of potassium permanganate are added to the water, washing becomes easier.

  • Reading these tips, remember that the floors themselves are different and the linoleum tips do not apply to marble, for example, and that not every hard floor is water resistant.
  • They say one repair is worse than two fires. As much as we try, even after little cosmetic repairs, the home must be properly maintained. To avoid this lasting for too long and to displace all the joy and pleasant emotions of renewal, think ahead. Isolate the room to be repaired from all other rooms. Even if the repair is spread throughout the apartment, at least close the windows with dense fabrics.
  • Cleaning schools, public institutions, offices or businesses undoubtedly requires a high level of professionalism. This also applies to the cleaning of kindergartens and establishments that are inhabited daily by children, students and teachers.

School cleaning

It’s no secret that maintaining cleanliness is quite complicated in places where children and young people gather. Even a few good school cleaners at the school are not able to perform the huge amount of work required to clean the classrooms, classrooms, labs, study rooms, cafeteria, libraries, gyms and locker rooms.

Therefore, the optimum option that the school management can choose is to contact a cleaning company.

Why should school cleaning be done by professionals?

First: Professional activities can bring the school in perfect order, which can be maintained for a long time.

  • This will not only be surface cleaning, after which it will only create the appearance of cleanliness, but cleaning according to all professional rules and regulations.
  • If the school is an old building, it means that its construction uses materials that are cleaned in a certain way and washed carefully and carefully with special chemicals. If it is a new building, then in this case only professionals know how to properly care for modern materials such as glazing or laminate, for example.

Second: Remember that cleaning a school or university these days involves not only the care of the room, but also the maintenance of equipment found in classrooms and laboratories. Imagine what would happen if your computers got wet.

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