The Best of Landscape Design for Your Choices

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First impression remains. Even if this expression is not 100% true, we know that the first impact does have great relevance. When it comes to businesses and offices the situation is no different. Today you will see some garden models that will further enhance the facade of your business.

By investing in a facade garden, the company not only takes an option to make it look better. Welcoming and well-being are some of the sensations this business card can bring to those passing in front of your office.

But how to improve this facade potential?

Landscaping is an excellent alternative and can suit the most different types of businesses, available areas or size of buildings. The perfect landscape design – Augusta, GA  comes with the best details now.

Read on and see 3 garden models and understand which one suits you best. Come on?

Small garden

Despite the small size, it does not necessarily need less maintenance. The idea of ​​a small front garden fits very well with low-rise buildings or houses.

Here it is also very important to pay attention to the size of the plants. Probably if your space is reduced, a huge plant will be disproportionate to your facade.

On the other hand, you can opt for a small colorful garden with several flowers or a desert-style garden with cacti, succulents and species resistant to low humidity.

Large garden with shrubs

This alternative is valid if your idea is to value the architecture of your facade. Among the garden models, in this, the plants fit very well as complementary to the front design of your company.

Species such as boxwood (Buxus sempervirens), elephant shank (Beaucarnea recurvata) and desert rose (Adenium obesum) are some examples commonly used in conjunction with grasses. With these plants you can create a simple but elegant and attractive landscaping. Both elephant paw and desert rose look great in a desert garden or tropical garden.

Large garden with trees

This is already the case with wider facades with larger buildings. These architectural features for this type of garden are essential so that plants do not take the whole front of your business and hide the most important.

  • Besides the beauty, choosing taller plants will also give shade to your facade, making the space more pleasant and ventilated. This impact is still reflected in the microclimate, besides the ornamentation.
  • Palm trees are often widely used, but other leafy trees can also match the front of your business. Flamboiã (Delonix regia), mimoso rosewood (jacaranda mimosifolia / jacaranda rotundifolia) and fruit trees such as jabuticabeira can be good options. When it comes to palm trees, blue palm (Bismarckia nobilis), bottle palm (Hyophorbe lagenicaulis) and imperial palm (Roystonea oleracea) are among the most widely used.


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