The Choices for the Best maid Choices for You

For many people, hiring a maid is not synonymous with status, but a necessity. After all, a busy work life inevitably requires support in home routines. In this sense, admitting a collaborator is not an easy task and requires even more care when she is daily living with her family.

With that in mind, we have prepared this post to help you on this journey. Here is a basic roadmap with the key things you should look at before hiring.

Search for Referrals

Care must be taken when hiring a maid. After all, the employee will occupy a significant space in your home. In addition to having access everywhere, she will be a support in caring for your children and family members who live with you. The toronto maid service is the best there.

Thus, seeking references is essential for hiring. Let people who live with you know of your search for a professional in this field. Talk to your friends, family, or look for companies that specialize in this type of recruitment.

After selecting the best candidates according to the nominations, it is time to consult the previous bosses. Talk to the former contractors and listen to what they have to say about the former employee. Ideally, the candidate has, on average, three telephones for the reference consultation.

This process requires caution. Many people have worked for the same family for a long time and call their family and friends to complete the interview requirements. Be malleable and know how to lead the conversation so as not to hinder selection.

Know the profile of the professional

Is the maid also a good cook? Do you iron your clothes like no one else? Is she outgoing or discreet? Knowing the professional’s profile is a very relevant point for the success of the relationship between you.

Don’t just focus on the person’s suitability. Always seek to know more about personal and work characteristics, as these points are crucial for a good relationship. That said; don’t overdo the quest for perfection! We all have defects and you will have to set a priority order in the execution of the services.

You can, for example, define the main characteristics you are looking for from there to draw up an interview script with the candidate and the people listed as references.

Evaluate skills

After interviewing the candidates and collecting references, it is time to evaluate the services of the chosen person. Use the experience contract, which can be 30 days extendable for another 30 or 60 days, and ask her to perform the services involved in the routine, and evaluate the results.

Notice how she washes, irones, cleans, cooks, treats her family and her pets. Check how much product you use for each cleaning task and food preparation. Make sure the work flows according to what you expect and if there is no waste of water, products or ingredients.

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