The Many Amazing Features of The Moroccan Berber Rug

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Rugs have long been used for so many purposes. A rug can be spread out on a floor to add an additional layer of texture. It can bring in color and warmth. For the makers of the Beni Ourain rug in Morocco, the goal is all of these things and even more. When they bring these rugs from a lush bowl of ingredients to a final product that people love, they are harking back to an incredible history of rug making that goes back many years and still continues apace today. For those who want something that is going to last and show off their personal style, this is the rug to bring home and appreciate in any room with easy and great confidence.

Bold Color

One of the many attractions of the Berber rug is the fact that it makes such great use of color. Many of these rugs make use of soft and subtle color. Shades like cream are right for rooms where people want to have a sense of love and calm. A pattern that shows off traditional colors in the area is another way to create a mood in the home. The use of such colors in the Beni Ourain rug makes it easy to create a mood. A rug made from colors like dark grey and black also adds a lot of style even in rooms that might otherwise lack appeal. This is a good way to bring in something understated and deeply appealing.

Incredible Texture

Texture is part of the appeal of this rug. The rugs are made by those who know exactly how to grow wool that will last and continue to stay in good shape even after many years of use in the room. It’s so thick and soft that people find they are drawn to touch the rug and run their fingers through it. This makes them perfectly excellent to use in a kid’s room. Kids love having a rug that lets them romp and offers protection against harsh flaws. Take them home and please children with a special surprise for their room.

Marvelous History

Those who have a Berber rug in their homes are those who have a rug that allows the the chance to be part of a long and amazing history. The rug making tradition in this part of the world began when the people who live here wanted to stay warm. With that purpose in mind, they turned to the sheep in the area and started to raise them for that very purpose. Over time, it became clear they had a treasure that all could appreciate. Today, this process is very much in evidence and still going strong. For people who want to have something that speaks of homemade and care, these are the rugs to take with them and adore. They’ll stand up and still look incredible. They’ll also call to mind a lovely place where the making of quality items still truly takes center stage. Visit City Cows website for more details.

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