The Perfect Roof Garden Making and Landscaping

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Have you ever considered having a roof garden in your home? This article may seem crazy, but we’ll present you with a lifestyle option that clearly shows how landscaping can improve people’s quality of life. With the landscape design – Bluffton SC you can expect the best choices now.

Green Roof = Quality of life

The green roof, as it is best known in the professional world, is not new. Much less is it a recent technique. Its practice dates from the Babylonian era, which you have no doubt heard in its famous Hanging Gardens.

  • Green roof, green roof or hanging garden is a constructive system of green roof. Can be designed to be used on slabs or on conventional roofs. Using grass or plants of specific species.
  • The green roof increases the green areas of the environment. Generating thermal and acoustic comfort indoors.

How it works?

The implementation of the system on site requires the installation of a specific structure on the roof of the house. If the roof is simply a slab, it must be waterproofed. If it is made of ceramic tiles, you need to remove them and place plywood boards. This structure will serve as the basis for the vegetation cover.

  • Green roofing is seen as a partial solution to many common environmental problems in large cities. It helps in reducing pollution, improving air, reducing the effects of heat islands, and reducing noise pollution.
  • But don’t see the green roof as just a grass solution applied to the ceiling of your work. As mentioned above, in New York many use their slabs to create true ecosystems! The new space created from the roof is used to produce honey, and even to grow fruit trees.

All you have to do is have a green attitude and see that a natural life style can be translated into any environment. Even in the middle of a big city, where everything around you is concrete. 

The market is increasingly competitive and we need to find ways to differentiate ourselves. In the case of the architect, the rule is simple: to be successful, he must have knowledge in various areas of his profession, especially when executing a project in an area outside a residence or office. So we understand that the architect must know the landscaping techniques to develop designs.

Not sure how to use these strategies? Do not worry. In this post, we have listed 4 simple and practical landscaping techniques to make any environment more attractive.

Make a lemon, a lemonade

The first step to running a project in an outdoor area is to understand that just because a garden has a small area does not mean that it is not possible to create a landscape project.

In smaller environments, it is worth investing in landscaping techniques such as vertical gardens, mini palm trees and climbing plants. These items take up less of where you plan to carry out the project and yet make the environment a very charming place.

If the space is larger, the project may include a wider variety of plants, such as larger trees.

Water mirrors and small fountains

Water mirrors and fountains are key to any landscape project as they create a focal point and make the environment more pleasant and fresh.

Depending on the size of the garden, you can choose from mini fountains that can be built or purchased at specialty stores, or make large water mirrors. Whatever your choice, you must install a pump to maintain oxygenation and water movement.


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