The Right Decoration of the Library Room and More

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The presence of a library is a worthy attribute of the hall, even if the area of ​​the house allows you to equip a separate room for a library or a study. Shelves made of natural carved wood are already an adornment, and filled with different books in beautiful old leather covers will make an unforgettable impression on guests. But this jewelry will need very high quality care.

The style of the bedroom, which is one of the classic ones, will be a pleasure to create because calm tones and natural building materials will contribute to good rest and sleep.

And the orthopedic mattress on a vintage bed with metal bent legs will help you relax with comfort and pleasure. From KnotHome you can have the best options now.

English style bedroom

All the walls can be done in beige or light pink, and hang on the walls instead of the standard photo wallpaper paintings in frames. You can also build a canopy or a beautiful canopy around a metal bed.

English style kitchen

The interior of the kitchen, as a rule, obeys the already installed household appliances or models that you will acquire in the future.

When creating this style, you need to plan the interior so that the kitchen appliances are not visible. This can be achieved by masking the refrigerator, dishwasher and oven using integrated modern technology.

Blue is a calming, sometimes even slightly depressing color. However, the compatibility spectrum of blue is very wide. The combination of dark blue and gold looks “expensive” and pompous. This color combination is suitable for the interior of an office or living room. Fine porcelain, textiles, a coffee table and fragrant tea draws imagination – the dream of any housewife! Of course, no marine style can do without blue. Medium and light shades of blue combine perfectly with white and beige. A strict interior in blue will become brighter, warmer and more creative if diluted with yellow or orange accents.


Blue is a fairly cool but airy color. Soothes, does not bother, perfectly combines with more than half of the spectrum. Blue is great for the kitchen, if not too much. Kitchen facades in blue design will pleasantly glare in the sun. Cold blue and warm reds are often used for contrasting color combinations. Oriental interiors are characterized by a combination of blue or turquoise with orange. 


The careful and measured use of violet will help you create a very interesting, calm and mysterious interior. Violet is the color of accessories, small but very necessary touches. For wall decoration, dark purple must be used very carefully. Good in combination with green, gray or cream. The atmosphere of your home will become airy, if you add gentle shades to the violet; if mixed with bright – vibrant and vibrant. A nursery diluted in purple is suitable for both the baby and the teenager. Inoculate a refined taste for your children from their very birth! Take seriously a solution to such a question as the color of furniture for the nursery.


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