Tips for cleaning and maintaining a football pitch

Ensuring that your pitch is well maintained is really a challenge, especially if the field is used often and the weather condition in your area is a little erratic. Conducting a football pitch maintenance work may be costly at the start, but if your football field is maintained well, this could save you on overall cost in the long run. 

Regular Grass Cutting 

If your football field is constantly exposed to the sunny weather and is watered well, chances are that the grass in the field will grow pretty fast. Your field should be cut regularly. A quick rule of thumb would be that the height of your grass to be kept at 1-2 inches in warmer months of the year and 2-3 inches in cooler months of the year. 

Choose The Right Maintenance Method

There are several different methods for maintaining your football pitch such as: rolling, brushing, harrowing, etc. It is important to think about the nature of your football pitch before choosing the maintenance method. It is important that you get a pitch specialist to advise you on this. 

Soil Analysis & Amendments 

It is important to get your soil in your football pitch tested. The results will allow you to know the amount of fertilizer needed for your field. 

Use The Right Fertilizer 

Note that it is possible for your soil to be over fertilized. Thus, after you have gotten your soil checked, the next thing you want to ensure is that the right fertilizer is being used for your current field. 

Choose The Right Contractor 

At the end of the day, it is important that you get the right field contractor to conduct regular maintenance work for you. Do your prior research before you choose to engage a contractor. Ensure that the contractors that you have shortlisted down are all licensed, and that their staffs are well-trained to perform the tasks at hand. An experienced contractor will take care of your field and do everything from: soil amendments, to fertilization, to aerification, irrigation, mowing, etc. 

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