Tips to help out with your bathroom remodelling project

Bathroom renovations are fun and easier on your pockets and maybe that’s why most people prefer it to remodelling kitchen.

Remodelling your bathroom could actually not only gives you a lift while bathing but it’s also going to increase your home’s value overtime.

To help out with your bathroom remodelling project here is a list of tips to assist you with:

Recessed element

Recess your cupboards, soap holders etc. for an older sophisticated look and save space as well.

Playing with Colour

Use Whites and Creams to make a small bathroom look bigger.

Focus on Lighting

This couldn’t be stressed enough but it’s truly astonishing to see so many people make the mistake of concentrating lights on simply one place i.e. Ceiling fixtures.

Your bathroom should have adequate and beautiful lighting around mirrors or so because we need it for touching up makeup, primping hairs or shaving.

Fixtures and Colour

Use white or cream colouredfixtures (i.e. toilets and bathtubs) as colours can be out of trend in no time and while it’s easier to demolish a toilet, a tub or whole tiles take out a lot of your budget.

Coloured installations over the time don’t look classy and start looking older way too early.

Dim lighting

Dim lighting options are a great way to make your bathroom a perfect heaven free from your everyday worries.

Add hooks

Hooks save a lot of your precious space and can look good if you go for the right ones.

From hanging towels, clothes and anything else that can be hanged, hooks are a great way to save space by avoiding countertops.

There are a number of helpful tips out there but most of all it’s best to consult someone professional who actually knows what they’re doing.

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