Tips to keep my storage unit mice free

When selecting a storage facility, it’s important to choose a location that offers clean and hygienic storage units. Whilst staff members and storage operators will take various measures to minimise the risk of pests on site, the contents and condition of your unit will play a significant role in maintaining a pest-free environment. 

Although you can store a wide variety of items in your storage lockers, units or rooms, there are some restrictions. These regulations on site at are designed to enhance the safety and security of storage units, staff members, customers and the site as a whole. 

By restricting people from storing food and drink in their units, for example, storage providers can minimise the risk of pests entering the site and can provide a mouse free storage unit and facility. Due to this, it’s important you’re aware of the restrictions upon the use of your storage units and that you follow the rules accordingly. 

In addition to this, you can maintain a mice free storage unit by implementing the following tips…

  1. Pack items carefully

By packing your items well, you can prevent mice from being attracting to them. As well as placing items in boxes and crates, for example, you should ensure they’re fully sealed. Packing material can be a popular nesting choice for mice, so take the time to ensure your storage equipment is fully contained. 

  1. Keep your unit clean and tidy

Keeping your storage units well maintained will help to prevent mice from entering. This needn’t be a time-consuming task, but it can be a great way to keep your storage facility free from pests. Simply sweeping the floor with a broom and removing any excess packing materials will have a beneficial impact when it comes to repelling rodents. 

  1. Wrap furniture in plastic

Many people use storage rooms to store household or business furniture and you can prevent mice from entering your unit by keeping these items securely wrapped in plastic. This will decrease the risk of pests being attracted to your unit in the first place and, in the unlikely event that mice were to access your items, the plastic wrapping will prevent any damage from occurring. 

  1. Talk to staff

Every facility will have a different approach to dealing with unwanted pests, so staff members can be the give you the greatest insight into keeping your storage units pest-free. Some storage sites may allow customers to place traps inside their units, for example, whilst others do not permit this. Similarly, some storage companies may encourage you to use a peppermint spray in your unit, as this is known to repel rodents. However, every storage facility has different rules, so it’s vital you check with staff before taking any of these measures. 

Choosing the right storage provider

Although keeping your storage units clean will help to deter mice, choosing the right storage facility is key to maintaining a mice free storage unit. When staff are committed to preventing mice from entering the facility, you’ll find there is a very small chance that your unit can be affected by pests at all. 

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