Top Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Bed in a Box Canada

Canada’s online mattress sellers are doing everything to lure customers into their stores. They are now offering free shipping, coupons, free returns, and other extras. Nevertheless, a particular segment of this business takes the whole deal to another level. The notion that you can get a full mattress delivered in a box is a mystery to many. Few people fully understand the concept of a bed in a box. Well, if you are among the majority that knows little or nothing about compressed mattresses, here are some of the facts about bed-in-a-box Canada mattresses.

  1. The Manufacturing Process Is Not Rocket Science

Bed-in-a-box is a relatively new product whose technology was discovered back in 2007 by a Tennessee machinist. And the method of making a bed-in-a-box mattress is not rocket science as you probably think. Compression technology is employed to constrict the mattress into the preferred size (one that allows for shipping in a box).

Conventionally, the mattresses are made with advanced memory foam to allow for the required compression. The incorporation of memory foam also means that the mattress can effortlessly bounce back to its original shape and size. Note that manufacturers first seal the mattresses with a plastic cover before running them through compression machines. Afterward, the maker puts the compressed mattress in a large box for convenient shipping.

  1. You Pay Before The Trial

Akin to in-store sellers, online compressed mattress sellers allow for test drives, but in a different way. Unlike in brick-and-mortar stores where you can sleep on a mattress for about 10 minutes, online sellers ship the product to you and allow you to use it for several nights.

The trial period is usually 75-101 nights. Nevertheless, you have to pay first before the compressed mattress gets delivered to you. So, if you were looking for a free trial, you are wrong. The good thing with mattress trials is that you can return the product within the stipulated timeframe if you are not satisfied. Returned mattresses are refundable, but strive to check with the seller to confirm if they refund fully or charge return fees.

  1. They Have Special Base Requirements

It’s good to know that your current bed frame may not be compatible with your new compressed mattress. The fact that most compressed mattresses feature memory foam translates to the need for a supportive base. A platform can support a memory foam mattress satisfactorily.  Without a good base, your mattress may sink or develop damages unnecessarily. Your warranty may not cover some of the damages. Alternatively, you might also consider buying a box spring base.

  1. Compressed Mattress May Be Smelly For A Few Days Upon Unboxing

A common complaint among bed-in-a-box Canada mattress buyers is the presence of unpleasant odor when they unbox the mattress. The scent emanates from the materials used in the manufacturing process.  Note that a compressed mattress may take days to re-inflate fully. In the process, it releases a smell that lasts for a few hours or days. The odor is most potent as soon as you unpack the mattress.

  1. Delivery Is More Convenient

You will agree with most consumers that getting the bulky traditional mattress inside a home is quite inconvenient. Several hands will be required to handle the mattress. Besides, you incur incredible shipping and delivery fees. However, the delivery process of a boxed mattress is cheap and convenient. The box can easily fit through doors and won’t require much energy to carry. Additionally, shipping may be free or lower than the average cost. You might also consider white glove delivery service whereby a company delivers the mattress to your home, assembles it for you, and takes away the old mattress.

Before buying a bed-in-box mattress, you want to be sure that you know several things about them. Hopefully, the above facts will help you understand what to expect when you order boxed mattresses.

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