What are the advantages that curtains have over blinds?

A curtain is piece of fabric and material that is suspended near the top of a ceiling to form a screen that acts as a window covering. Blinds are window shades that are highly adjustable to control the amount of sunlight entering the home. If you are thinking of getting one of them, here we will suggest some of the key benefits that curtains have over blinds. All in all, if you still are undecided as to which to get, you can always engage a Curtains and blinds Singapore specialist to guide you throughout the whole process.


Curtains can easily be fitted near a window as the curtains track and pole can be bent to a specific fit. Curtains are also more suitable for a home as blinds might create a more office feel to the place. Nowadays, the fabrics length can easily be customized to fit your interior.


Blinds might be great heat insulators, however they are often hanged inside the home and may not be able to reflect heat out of the home. Curtains on the other hand can be hanged outside of the home and door and ensure that heat will be well reflected out of the home.

Easy Operation

Nowadays, curtains can easily be operated just like a blind with a cord and the market is now selling electric curtains that are all highly functional. Curtain tracks and poles can be installed nicely and allow more than one curtain installation which offers much more flexibility compared to a window blind.

Easy Cleaning

Blinds are more tedious to clean as you would need to worry about each layer and panel, while a curtain can just be uninstalled and washed as a whole. In addition, many blinds can only be dry cleaned. The curtains track and poles would also need little servicing. Blinds on the other hand trap dust easily and thus curtain can be a more hassle-free choice for your home.

Wide Range of Fabrics

Curtains are definitely a better fit compared to blinds when it comes to decorating a home, as blinds are mostly suitable to suit an office space. Curtains are great to add a new look to your home and with several fabrics out there in the market, one can easily choose one to complement the home’s furniture and interior design.

Easy Installation

Curtains are also much easier to hang compared to blinds. As long as the curtain pole is installed, one can easily take it down and get it replaced. However, for blinds, one would need to unhook each side and unclip it carefully as plastic can snap easily.


Blinds can snap easily while for curtains, as long as you choose a quality fabrics, you would not need to worry too much about it breaking down.

All in all, do consider all the benefits that a curtain provides and get one that will suit your interior design and furnishing well.

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