What Is Cross Bore Inspection And When Is It Needed?

With the multiple needs for different utility lines, it’s no surprise how some underground lines can intersect with one another when the other one is installed using trenchless technology. The industry term for this one is called a cross bore. Typically, this won’t be a problem as long as the lines involved remain undamaged. However, if a natural gas line intersects with a lateral sewer line, it can be a serious concern.

If you want to reduce or eliminate the risks associated with a gas line cross bore, you’d need help from a company that provides quality cross bore inspections, Dallas, texas.

The Importance of Cross Bore Inspection

If cross bore inspections, Dallas, Texas won’t be done before you drill treat or upgrade your pipes, you’ll be putting yourself and other people at risk.

According to reports from the Gas Technology Institute, cross bore-related accidents from 2002 to 2015 have been tallied at 18. While this figure is regarded as an understatement, it doesn’t discount the fact the indeed, there’s a risk involved in having intersecting utility lines.

For instance, when the gas line intersects with a sewer line, the former can get sewer effluent debris from the latter, resulting in a clog. Clearing the clog forcibly can cause the gas line to rupture and leak into surrounding properties. Once it happens, it can only be a matter of time before a fire or explosion can occur. These mishaps can, in turn, leave more serious damage to people nearby and to those who are working on the sewer line.

Cross boring can also weaken the structural soundness of the involved sewer line. Its undesirable effects? Presence of sinkholes and voids near the cross bore.

Cross Bore Inspection Programs

As mentioned, preventive actions should be undertaken to avoid having cross bores in your area. This is especially true if there had been a previous cross bore explosion near your place.

Generally, there are two types of cross bore inspection programs — the legacy and the new construction. The latter refers to the cross bore inspections, Dallas, Texas carried out by gas utilities and construction firms before they install new gas lines.

The former, on the other hand, is meant to check if there’s already a cross bore damage in the utility lines installed underground.

Either program, cross bore inspectors begin by identifying all the lines that exist underground. The inspection team then uses CCTV technology to determine structural conditions, locate defects and inflow-and-infiltration evidence, identify obstructions, service laterals, and more.

Records of inspections are documented — nowadays — using software solutions that can be accessed by vital stakeholders, anytime and anywhere. These useful software products are important in saving and accessing up-to-date information. The availability of the inspection data is highly useful when it comes to speeding up the process of inspection and minimizing the risk of having a cross bore.

If you are to install a new utility line, always make sure that you have a realistic timeline so you can do cross bore inspections more efficiently and more effectively.

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