What To Ask Flat Roofing Contractors

People embarking on the journey of putting a new, flat roof on their business might want to have some idea of what to ask those contractors beyond the basics of if they’re insured and properly licensed. For people who want to sound a little more savvy about the job and what are good questions to ask, here are a few ideas:

Can they take care of the old roof? This isn’t likely to be asked if the flat roofing contractors are dealing with a new building, but it is a good question when putting a new roof on an existing building. It’s not just because the old roof needs to be removed, it’s also because they are more likely to identify future problems by examining the issues that affected the old roof.

Will they take care of the refuse? This is more important than most people might think. Sure, most businesses maintain a dumpster for removal of garbage, but it’s guaranteed to be insufficient for the removal of the old roof from a site. This is something that should rest with the flat roofing contractors and not with the person having the work done. Just to be sure, always ask if they’ll haul away the debris.

Does the roof have a warranty? Here’s a big one! A roof without a warranty is one that is just going to be a money pit. It’s a simple fact that flat roofs require maintenance and can damage easily. Having some kind of coverage from the contractor to ensure that any major issues with the roof are covered is a must!

Are there measures to prevent property damage? This should be agreed to in writing. Replacing a roof can involve a lot of debris falling onto the ground. People are coming and going, equipment is being moved in and moved out, so property damage can happen. It’s best to check in with flat roofing contractors to ensure that they are taking reasonable measures to prevent any type of property damage whether it’s the grass or the windows!

What measures do they take during bad weather? Obviously, a few drops of rain or the occasional gust of wind aren’t going to stop any work from being done and it’s not something to be concerned about damaging the roof before it’s done. The real issue is with unfinished roofs during heavy rain, snow, or high winds. 

This is something that should be discussed as to how the roof is going to be protected during those downtimes and at what point do the troops pack up and go home for the day due to more extreme weather conditions?

A good piece of advice is to look for contractors having direct contacts with commercial snow plowing companies to meet such eventuality.

Will they prepare a written statement? This is an important question to ask, because it’s also the basic agreement clients come to with flat roofing contractors. This should cover all of the costs and should be referenced during construction so that the client can monitor expenses as they happen. They’re a record of what’s going to be done and how much it’s going to cost. They are also legally binding!

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