What You Need To Know About Placing Turfs With Glue

If you are thinking about installing artificial turf quickly and straightforwardly, we have the solution. It is an effortless operation thanks to the different types of adhesive that you can find in the market. Next, we will offer different solutions to perform this task without complications.

Is There Adhesive Tape for Artificial Turf?

Of course, there is adhesive for artificial turf. If you want to install lawn for a garden of moderate use, you have different methods so that it is well placed on the ground. Depending on the type of surface you want to cover, but knowledge of turf glue can make your work better and more straightforward.

Types of Adhesive for Gluing Artificial Turf

To perform this task, we have adhesives specially designed to install lawn mats in a garden. In the artificial turf market, we find different solutions in tape or adhesive format, to carry out this task.

To apply artificial turf to gardens, we will use a joint band placed under the meeting between pieces, and on it, we apply the adhesive. The most usual is the bi-component that we must beat to achieve a homogeneous mixture. When you use it, pour it and extend the encounter with a small notched trowel. Then go placing the meeting of the pieces of artificial turf avoiding staining them with the adhesive. Always bear in mind that the application time is minimal because the hardener acts very fast, so have all the pieces cut and prepared before gluing them.

If you have to do the gluing for smaller surfaces, you can use a can of adhesive that comes ready to use, without mixing or use a polyurethane D4 that will also serve as glue.

The areas that you need to hold, so they do not get up can be glued to the ground with a Deco Green adhesive cartridge or, if you install directly on the ground, with pegs.

How to Stick Artificial Turf for Indoor

Every day, it is more common to use artificial turf indoors, which puts a fresh and country note in spaces of homes or offices but it is essential to do so and anticipate that one day we will want to remove it. For this, a model of self-adhesive has been created a band that is placed like the traditional one, but that only holds the grass is leaving it floating on the ground.

So that it does not dance too much or get up in some areas, we can put the special double-sided tape.

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