When Not To Pump Your Septic Tank? Here Are Conditions To Watch Out For

Responsible homeowners will call the septic pumping in York PA company regularly to have their tanks inspected and pumped before an emergency occurs. While no one wants to suffer through a leaking septic tank, there are some instances and situations where pumping a septic tank isn’t the right course of action.

In fact, insisting on getting the tank pumped during these following conditions can be dangerous for the company as well as yourself. These are the conditions to watch out for before calling the septic pumping company:

#1: A Recent Flood Has Occurred

A flood that has devastated your area may result in the rise of septic tank water. Tanks that are full may even result in it overflowing leading to contaminated water to seep inside your home. Although it seems like a natural time to call for a tank pumping, it is actually not recommended to do so.

Concrete tanks that are flooded will only result in silt, mud, and other debris from entering the tanking during the pumping process. Without a doubt, you will need to schedule another pumping in just a few short days because the tank is full of debris that requires removal. Wait until the floodwaters have receded so you don’t spend twice for septic pumping in York PA.

#2: Fiberglass Or Plastic Tanks During High Flood Waters

There is a good chance that the lightweight nature of plastic or fiberglass tanks will cause it to float during a flood. Insisting on getting the tank pumped during these conditions will only result in damage to the tank, a complicated draining process, and costly repairs that will follow soon after.

#3: Old And Fragile Septic Tanks

Fragile tanks that have been in the property for decades aren’t very safe for use or for pumping. There have been several cases where the owner scheduled an old and fragile septic tank to be pumped which only caused the surrounding area to collapse on itself.

The fragile state of the tank and ground may not be seen right away while the professionals are pumping, but it could become a hazard in a few days because the tank is now empty. Always disclose the state of the septic tank with the pros so they can determine whether or not it is safe to continue with the pumping or not.

#4: Unknown Construction Conditions

Just like old and fragile septic tanks, tanks where you do not know the current condition should never be pumped. It poses a safety risk because at any time it can collapse and injure the team pumping or catch someone unaware while walking around the area.

#5: Low Sludge Levels And Minimal Layer Of Scum

Upon inspection, the septic tank pumping company will determine if the level of sludge and layer of scum is enough to warrant a pumping. If it is not, the tank is better off left as it is until the sludge levels buildup.

Take the advice of the septic tank pumping company seriously as they have the skill, training, and experience to determine if pumping is necessary. Never attempt to do any pumping on your own as it is a dangerous task that only professionals can accomplish.

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